How To Wear Crocs With Leggings?

When it comes to fashion, there are no set rules. What matters is how you feel in your own skin. But let’s be honest, pairing certain outfits can be a bit tricky. One such question that always arises is, ‘How to wear Crocs with leggings?’

This footwear trend has been in fashion for decades, and leggings are the ultimate comfort clothing. So, why not rock these two together?

In this blog, we will give you some tips on how to style Crocs with leggings for an effortlessly chic look.

How to Wear Crocs with Leggings? (7 Styling Tips)

When it comes to wearing Crocs with leggings, there are a few styling tips to keep in mind.

How to Wear Crocs with Leggings

1. Keep it Simple:

The key to acing any outfit is keeping it simple yet stylish. Start by sticking to neutral colors for both your leggings and footwear. Black is always a great option since it pairs well with almost everything.

A pair of black leggings and black Crocs will give you a sleek and composed look. You can complete the look with a white tee, a denim jacket, and a cross-body bag.

2. Crocs with Cropped Leggings:

Leggings that stop at the ankle or mid-calf are known as cropped leggings. This style is perfect for summer when you don’t want to wear full-length leggings.

Crocs with Cropped Leggings

Pair your black or grey cropped leggings with a breezy white top and white crocs. Accessorize with a statement watch and some dainty earrings. This look is ideal for a day out with friends.

3. Crocs with Printed Leggings:

Printed leggings are a fun way to add some drama to your outfit. Go for bright, funky colors and pair them with white or black Crocs for a pop of contrast.

wear Crocs with Printed Leggings

Keep the rest of your outfit minimal, maybe a solid-colored tee or tunic would suffice. Accessorize with a black or white sling bag and gold hoops. You are ready to rock this outfit for a casual gathering.

4. Crocs with Oversized Sweater and Leggings:

Oversized sweaters are perfect for those chilly fall days. Pair these with black leggings and black Crocs for a laid-back yet fashionable vibe.

Crocs with Oversized Sweater and Leggings

Accessorize with a statement neckpiece, a pair of hoop earrings, and a sling bag. This look is perfect for a weekend brunch date.

5. Crocs with Sporty Leggings:

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then your go-to clothing would be sporty leggings. Pair these with a white or any light-colored top and white or black crocs.

wear Crocs with Sporty Leggings

Carry your gym essentials in a gym tote bag, and accessorize with a lined headband. This look is perfect for when you are running errands post your workout.

6. Mix and Match

There is no rule out there that restricts you from mixing and matching patterns and prints. For example, you can wear tie-dye leggings with a solid-colored shirt and mint green Crocs and create an edgy and casual look.

Remember to be mindful of the color combinations and patterns. To not make it look chaotic, let one piece outshine the rest. If you’re not up for too much experimenting, go for different shades of the same color.

7. Seasons Play A Role

Seasons play a crucial role in deciding the outfit combination. In the spring and summer, keep it light with Crocs and leggings pairing. You can wear denim shorts over leggings, and pair them with maroon or brown Crocs.

In the fall and winter, layer up with an oversized denim jacket, a beanie, and a scarf. You can also opt for rompers or jumpers over leggings, finish off with ankle-high black Crocs, and you are good to go. The trick is to choose the right material for each season.

During fall/winter go for thick leggings, and in the summer pick thin, breathable leggings.

Styling Crocs with Wide Pants and a Camisole:

Most ladies think Crocs can’t be styled with anything but this is the way you can style your Crocs. Wearing a camisole with wide-leg pants is perfect.

Crocs have different colors of clogs. You can wear wide-leg trousers with a camisole. The colors of Crocs can be worn in any color, as half of the Crocs will be covered with wide pants. 

You can also support your dressing with minimal jewelry and a mini bag. This dressing is suggested for summer as the camisole will help you feel comfortable, and don’t forget to add sunglasses to your outfit. And here you are, good to go. 

Printed T-Shirt with Narrow Pants: 

During hot summers there is a wide variety of dressing which is going to surprise you. And for sure you would love to try new outfits. Your dressings will amuse people. As I have said before, crocs have different colors and different styles. 

Pair a pair of narrow jeans with an oversized shirt and a mini bag. As I said, Crocs can be styled with any of your outfits. Wearing Crocs with jeans will look so trendy! 

Jogger Pants With A Bodycon Top:

Another cute outfit with Crocs is jogger pants with a body con top. A jogger with a black long-sleeved bodycon top looks much more casual and comfy. Make sure your Crocs color matches your body con top. 

This outfit can be worn when going for a casual brunch date or to a shopping mall. This outfit makes you comfy as most people don’t like tight clothes. 

What Can You Wear With Your Crocs And Leggings? 

As I have mentioned before, leggings are made from elastic fabric, which is stretchable. You can pair your leggings with any of your tops and Crocs of the matching or contrasting color. Leggings are like trousers, just the fabric used is different. 

It’s frustrating not finding a top to wear with it, but I have a solution for you guys. I’ll list some options for you that you can pair with your Crocs and leggings. 

1. A baggy Top with an Essential Tight:

A baggy top with an essential tight and crocs of your favorite color can be paired during summer. You don’t need to have a massive closet for this. Just pick a basic baggy top of any color, pair it with black jeans, and make sure the color of the Crocs matches your shirt or leggings. 

2. Crop Top With A Legging: 

This top will undoubtedly be available in your closet, but you might think it will look funny pairing it with a legging or a top. 

So get a basic crop top of your favorite color and pair it with white or black leggings and Crocs. And you can go to a park or mall with your friends. 

3. Sweatshirt Paired With A Legging: 

As we move towards the winter, the air becomes colder. And for sure you must wear a sweatshirt, hoodie, and stuff that makes you warm. 

The leggings and crocs of your favorite color can be paired with any sweatshirt but ensure the color of crocs matches with leggings and sweatshirt. 

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Can You Wear Crocs with Shorts? 

Now the question here arises Can you wear Crocs with shorts? Sure, you can wear crocs with shorts. If you wear Crocs with shorts or skirts, add socks or knee-high socks in contrast or complementary colors. This is the most popular way of styling these days. 

A Final Thought:

In conclusion, crocs and leggings may seem like an unusual combination, but when styled right, they can make the perfect pairing. From simple and sleek to printed and bold, there is a look for everyone.

The key is to keep it simple, comfortable yet stylish. So let loose and have fun with your style and who knows, you may be the trendsetter your friends have been waiting for. Happy styling!

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