How to Prevent Heel Blisters From Vans Shoes?

Blisters are very painful and they occur in the bony part of our ankle and heels. The reason behind blisters is the rubbing of the harsh material on our skin. Suffering from blisters and wondering how to prevent heel blisters from vans shoes

Then no worries we are going to tell you different strategies to prevent your feet from hazards. Vans are comfortable shoe wear to use in any kind of light activity. Also, you can break them according to your fitting.

Sometimes we want strong grip shoes and painless as well. So, sneakers, and sandals may cause trouble due to their smooth outsole. But the vans shoes will help you at work. Let’s talk about what is the reason behind blisters from the vans heel.

Why Do Get Heel Blisters From Vans Shoes? 

Vans are stylish shoes to wear at work, skateboarding, and while running your errands. But the problem is why we have blisters on our heels and ankle. So, when you wear slip-on, vans they cause friction. 

For instance, if your shoe size is smaller than your own then they will start scraping your skin. That friction will allow the vans to hurt the back of the ankle. When these scratches become more worst then they will change into fluid-filled blisters. 

Many people have a narrow heels and they don’t have enough space to adjust the shoe. But there’s a solution to every worst situation. To read about how to prevent heel blisters from vans shoes you need to scroll down. 

How To Stop Heel Blisters From Vans Shoes in Easy Ways? 

Vans are meant to be comfortable shoes. So, we should pick up the pair that is fit to our feet. S vans are comfortable so we need to be very aware front the prevention. Here we come with 6 strategies to resolve your tensions. 

6 Strategies To Prevent Blisters from Vans Shoes

We need to be very careful about our foot health. So, without any further delay with no mistake let’s discuss the strategies to keep our feet away from blisters.

1. Taping 

You can use paper tape, rock tape, and leukoplast to apply them on the heel and ankle. This trick will definitely help you to prevent your feet from blisters. Indeed it’s a big relief to walk without any worry.

Disadvantage: This trick needs to apply every day. 

2. Donut Pads

This trick will help your feet to be under less pressure. Also, a very easy thing applies at home and you can make your own donut pad as well. You can use podiatry which is much thicker than moleskin. 

Disadvantage: Take More Room In the Shoe.

3. Heel-Lock Lacking

You need to reduce your heel bone to move up and down a lot. Also, this trick is very easy to a habit. You can do it with hiking boots

Disadvantage: Shoes With Laces will Annoy a Person. 

4. Stretches Of Calf

If your calf muscles are strong and strengthened then your bone will automatically reduce their movement. So calf stretches will help you to prevent blisters from vans heels and ankles. 

Disadvantage: Takes Too Much Time to Make a Difference.

5. Engo Patches 

These patches will reduce friction level and you need to place ones because they are easy to put. Also, they stay longer in your shoe. Engo patches give 100% protection.

Disadvantage: After Applying these Patches Shoes will not Be Clean in the Washing Machine. 

6. Pellitec Blister Pads

These pads do a lot of magic such as reducing pressure, absorbing a bit of shear force, and also decreasing the friction level. As well as that these pads are detachable and re-stickable.

Disadvantage: These Pads’ Edges are Very Prominent and Can be Noticed. 

Skinny And Bobby Socks Help to Reduce Rubbing

This idea will also help your feet to be in a flexible position. Because socks can protect our feet from direct contact of the shoe with the skin. Vans heel liners are another topic to handle your blisters. 

But socks are easy to obtain to fulfill your demand. Skinnies are made with heel-wall padding to provide your feet comfort. They will be as invisible socks if you don’t your socks to be shown. Let’s talk about some ideas on how to prevent heel blisters from vans shoes or wearing them without rubbing. 

3 Ideas To Wear Vans Without Rubbing

There are 3 methods that we will be telling below about prevention. But you need to make sure your feet are moisturized so they don’t get any infections. Without wasting any second let’s directly dive into them. 

1. Thick Socks 

According to the podiatrist, socks help your heel and ankle from friction. Because when you wear socks they don’t get in contact with your skin. The Achilles area is the sensitive part and the Achilles tendon can be torn within a few minutes. So, never apply a lot of pressure on that area. 

Note: Do remember that fashionable socks only work for the style. They don’t give enough cushioning and may cause friction and rubbing.

2. Add Vans Heel Liners

This is the best way to prevent your heels. Liners are soft and with the perfect ergonomics which include double-sided tapes that give cushioning to the back of the ankle. Nonetheless, these liners are made to place your feet inside the shoes.

Note: vans heel liners are made for males and females both. Get yourself according to it. 

3. Cover Your Heels With Band-Aids

If you don’t want to wear anything under your shoes and you still have a question that how to prevent heel blisters from vans shoe then you can use this trick. You can easily apply it and wear your vans. There are many tape or band-aids available in the market. Such as KT Tape, and ultra-light thin tape. 

Note: band-aids will fight blisters and protect your skin from direct contact with the shoe back. 

Final Words

The purpose of this article on how to prevent heel blisters from vans shoes is to give you useful ideas. We love to wear different styles of shoes for different activities. And this is a valid thing. 

Vans are made with canvas and they are ideal for skateboarding. Also, you can get one smaller size than your own so you can break them afterward. We all need to keep our feet moist. 
If our feet will stay dry they can get many infections, scratches, and blisters. And van heels can react with your feet.

So try to consider all mentioned above strategies to not get one.

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