How To Make Crocs Shiny Again?

Crocs are the leading because of their comfort. Crocs are lightweight and washable and can be worn in-home activities as well as garden activities. And they are constantly in use and facing different dirt, wear & tear.

So, crocs shine before and after work depending on the situation. But one thing that we need to accept is that Crocs are our best friend of everyone in summer especially.  They help in the market as well. 

Although there are so many queries regarding how to make Crocs shiny again. So, this article will lighten up on these methods that will help you to make your Crocs shiny again.  

Things You Need to Make Crocs Shiny Again?

Things you need to make your crocs shiny again

There’s no hard task to make your Crocs shin again. Several methods help in washing crocs without any damage. Wondering what are the crocs shine ingredients

Then without any delay, I would like to enlist the ingredients that you can take out from home to wash your crocs.

  1. Vinegar 
  2. Water 
  3. Baking soda
  4. Armor oil 
  5. Brush 
  6. Towel

Other than these you can also use the Crocs Shine alternative which is a shiner and available in the markets. But first, let’s talk about how to make your Crocs shiny again without a shiner.

4 Methods To Make Crocs Shiny Without A Shiner

Without any further delay, we will help you to find out the best method to make your Crocs shiny again. 

Method 1: Brush, Towel, And Water 

For washing your crocs you need to have a brush, towel, and water. Indeed this method is easy and comfy because every single thing is available in the home. And you don’t need to rush to market. 

Simply clean your crocs by putting them underwater, then with the help of a brush clean the upper layer of crocs. The dirt will come out. Now you can use the towel to wipe them out. 

If you still see dirt on your Crocs then repeat the process. Moreover, you can use a warm towel to clean your crocs with smoothness. Now let it dry then check Croc shine before & after. Also, you can use the vinegar method. But let me elaborate on it for you.

Method 2: Make Crocs Shiny With Vinegar & Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda are a 100% perfect combination for cleaning any agent. As well as that this combination will make your Crocs odor-free. Let’s make the solution first. 

Make Crocs Shiny With Vinegar & Baking Soda

Take a bowl and put 1 spoon of vinegar and 1 spoon of baking soda. Then add 4 tablespoons of water and your cross shine DIY is ready to use. With the help of a soft towel put a layer of the whole mixture on your crocs. 

Leave this mixture to let it dry for 5-10 minutes. Now uncover them and wash this mixture with the water. Let it dry but never put your Crocs under direct heat. Here you have your shiny Crocs back. 

Method 3: Make Crocs Shiny With Bleach 

Your crocs are dirty and appear as yellowish objects and you are thinking about how to make crocs shiny again. Then go for this method. Bleach is a harsh ingredient or solution but it helps you to clean your crocs.

Before moving towards the details give a reminder, not yourself. That bleaching agent is harsh and harmful to skin and clothes. So, try to avoid touching it directly. Wear gloves before applying them to the crocs. 

Take a big bowl or min tub and put some warm water with bleach powder in it. Then put your crocs in that tub at least for two hours. Afterward, wash this bleaching solution with normal water and leave it to dry.

Moreover, you can use a magic eraser to scrub all the dirt from the inside and out. If your Crocs have a speck of stubborn dirt. 

Method 4: Make Crocs Shiny With Armor Oil 

When you have done applying any kind of solution. Put your crocs in the cold water for about 10-15 minutes then leave it to dry. Apple armor oil all over the Crocs. This oil is life’s savior.

Make Crocs Shiny With Armor Oil

You will see the immense shine on your crocs after they dry. This oil has very excellent viscosity and detergent & dispersing properties. It will protect your Crocs from any kind of corrosion. 

How To Make Crocs Clean With A Shiner? 

Shiner is your personal preference if you want to consider it. Shiner helps to keep your Crocs shiny. This is the Crocs shiny butter that is available in the market and on Amazon. Crocs sine alternative is butter for polishing.

It consists of almond oil and is free of toxins. Whereas there’s a Crocs shiner as well. Crocs shiner comes with a sponge that will help you in your application. Clean your Crocs with the towel. 

Then rub on the crocs with the help of a shiner sponge. Rub it until the real shine comes out. Lastly, This shiner will you in a cleaning of shoes.

Best Alternative to Crocs Shine

There are alternatives to everything. Oils play an essential role in cleaning your footwear every day. Crocs will look tidy when you use these oils as Crocs butter.

1. Almond Oil 

This oil is natural and has high-quality properties. It is versatile and toxins-free. Sweet in nature and will surely rescue your crocs from the dirt. 

2. Refined Linseed Oil 

This oil is high quality for cleaning Crocs because it has perfect finishing and glossiness. 

3. Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline makes your Crocs smoother and shiny. Due to the glossy properties, it has.

How To Keep Your Crocs Shiny?

You can keep your Crocs shiny if you wash them frequently. If you wear your crocs in the garden and do home activities then you can home and leave your crocs on the shoe stand. Then it is a sure thing that your Crocs will seem dirty. 

But try to maintain them and clean them with simple water twice a week. If you do that religiously then I must you will not have a question in your mind about how to make Crocs shiny again. Read mentioned above methods to be aware of every solution. 

FAQs Abot How to Make Crocs Shiny Again

How do you restore fuzz on Crocs?

Just leave your Crocs in the water for a while. Then you will see debris to be removed from your shoes. Rinse them with warm water and pour baking soda on them. 

Can Crocs Be Restored?

Yes, it does. If your Crocs have been damaged then start using EVA glue to restore it. Or you can go to the store to repair them easily. 

Can Crocs Be Polished?

Yes, they can. You can use shiner and butter to polish your Crocs again. Rub the crocs with the sponge given on the kit. These formulated polishes will restore the croc’s shine again.  We have clearly mentioned the method for using Polish on Crocs. 

Can I Brush My Crocs?

Yes, you can but make sure to not use a harsh brush on your Crocs. Because harsh brushes can destroy your Crocs material. For several minutes keep rubbing on the crocs to wipe the dirt from it. But try to use a toothbrush for cleaning holes and fur where cleaning is difficult. 


In the end, we would like to mention one thing that keeps this thing clear getting Crocs for a comfortable walk is a perfect idea. But how to make your Crocs shiny again is your responsibility. 

Crocs have croslite material that is authentic and has a guarantee to be fine for a lifetime. But if you are wearing your Crocs while working in the garden and in the rain. Then remember your Crocs will face so much dirt and the chance of being destroyed. 

So, try to maintain your crocs frequently and then see the croc shine before and after washing it. Kindly read the above, as we have mentioned every single possibility to make your Crocs perfect and clean.

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