How Long Do Vans Last? (Quick Facts in 2023)

Skaters and strict trainers need to wear a perfect and strong pair of shoes. And being a skate trainer I saw every skater have the question in their minds how long do vans last? And I told them to relax.

Vans can last 8-10 weeks for excessive training and it can be extended to 6-12 months or 2-4 years. But these shoes’ durability matters a lot. Our whole body’s stress goes down to our feet and soles which bear a lot of weight.

So, stop stressing out I am here to talk about what to do and what not to do to make Van’s life better and longer.

How Long Do Vans Last? (Quick Answer) 

How Long Do Vans Last

Vans are well known because of their insoles that are made with rubber and tough uppers. Van’s durability provides comfortable activities. You can use them for casual use as well. 

And to give them a longer life you need to change the tricks to use them to extend their lifespan. Also, casual van shoes last for 2-4 years. Whereas normal van shoes can last for 8-10 weeks and 6-12 months or 2-4 years as I have mentioned above. 

You need to stop cleaning them frequently and start using them according to the ideas that we will be discussing below. Yes, it only depends on the usage of the shoe and how long the vans last.

3 Activities About Vans Last Long

As I mentioned vans shoes are made for skateboarding, cycling, excessive training, and for casual wear.  Our activities depend upon how long vans last. So let’s directly talk about the lifespan according to the activities of vans.

1. How Long Do Vans Last For Cycling? 

Van’s lifespan for cyclers is 6-10 months. For Mountain, these shoes will help you throughout the season. Because its rubber sole helps them to prevent any damage. 

These shoes can be torn due to the paddles. For instance, if your bike paddle has pins then it will surely damage them. Also, van lifespan can be reduced due to biking in muddy areas and on wet trails.

2. How Long Do Vans Last For Skateboarding?

Van shoes are made for skateboarding. If you are into flips and tricks then the van’s lifespan can be reduced. Because vans developed holes in them. And for skateboarding van lasts for 2 months to 12 months. 

How Long Do Vans Last For Skateboarding

They are very fast to help in developing skating skills. But due to the skateboard, faster grip tape makes every shoe shredded. So, you should pick a grip-to-shoe because of the prevention of damage. 

Sometimes vans shoes rip in 10 kickflips. And for that, you need to pick up the suede version of the van because they are durable. 

3. How Long Do Vans Last For Casual?

People love to wear vans shoes as casual wear. And no doubt they look absolutely stylish. Wearing them all day long to go for a walk and enjoy the amazing texture of colors. 

How Long Do Vans Last For Casual

And they last for 2-4 years. Vans old skool can be worn for 400-500 miles which are 643 to 800 km. And to reduce the friction lace them properly. There are many editions of vans let’s talk about the methods of how to make vans last longer.

3 Methods How To Make Your Vans Shoes Last Longer

Stop wondering if are vans shoe durable and how can we make their life longer. Let’s discuss a few methods to avoid any hazards due to the wrong use of van shoes. 

  • Make Vans Waterproof 
  • Store Vans Shoes in the RIght Place
  • Change Your Wearing Schedule

1. Make Vans Waterproof 

To make them last longer you need to make them waterproof. Apply van water and stain shield on them before wearing. It protects them from moisture and stains. You can also use a nontoxic spray that is odorless. 

2. Store Vans Shoes in the Right Place

Storage of the shoe is the most important thing. Make your habit to put them in the right place. When I say a right place that means put them on a shoe tree. It will maintain the shape of the shoe and make their life better. 

3. Change Your Wearing Schedule

To make your van last longer stop using them frequently and do not wear them every day. Give them a rest for a day and pick any other pair of vans. Because they need to air out some time to recover their shape.

What Things Make Vans Shoes Last Longer?

What Things Make Vans Shoes Last Longer

Shoe lifespan depends upon the usage and the construction of the shoe importantly. Because manufacturers made it with effort. And a few aspects play an important role in it. 


Suede is stronger than canvas, but suede is not the only material that makes the whole van’s shoe. Suede helps to stop pressure on the heels and sides of the shoe.

Also, double stitching is important to make a strong bond between the materials. High-quality rubbers fulfill the question of whether is van durable. Padding of the heel gives more comfort with the permission of wearing them for a long. 


Rubber soles play an important role in durability and durability is very foremost. If your footwear sole is strong then it will allow you to be stable for a long. And it also increases the base of support. 

FAQs About How Long Do Vans Last

How Long Should Vans Last?

Van life depends on usage because if you are using it the right way then it may last longer 3-4 years. And some can last for a year. So, always go for excellent quality shoes and make sure the van is durable or not. 

Why Do Vans Break So Easily?

Every single pair of vans is made with a specific vulcanization process. All constructors made heat while welding them. As a result rubber foxing is made with rubber soles and melt-welded to canvas upper. So, for extended use, they may split away. 

Are Vans shoes Durable?

Yes, they do. Van is durable and comfortable too. Also, you can wear them for everyday use but try not to wear them every single day. Take a break for a day or two. 

Are Vans Good To Walk In All Day?

Vans are pretty comfortable to wear for walking. And they provide the perfect style with multifunctions. Their rubber sole makes them the perfect ones. Wear vans for 4-6 hours a day then put shoes on a shoe tree. They will give you the perfect stability. 

Final Words

At the end of this article, you will know how long do vans last. But it depends upon you how you keep them in your storage. Quality and construction matter a lot. But we should know how to maintain them. 

Vans are ideal for skating but they can use for walking, cycling, and casual use. The rubber sole gives the van durability to ensure strong utilization. Without any tension, you can use them every day. 

Ideally, their lifespan is 2-4 years if you are using them with the best effort of care. Lastly, do all kinds of training without any hassle by wearing them.

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